Go For Broke

Go For Broke

a 442 Origins Story


Now Available on Vimeo

On the 75th anniversary of the creation of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team we proudly present their origin story, available exclusively through Vimeo. Rent / Stream this award-winning film today!

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The Film

Fighting not only the Germans, but rampant racism at home in the US and in the military, the brave Japanese Americans in the 100/442nd went on to be the most decorated unit for their size and time in battle in U.S. History. On this, the 75th anniversary of the Japanese Incarceration during WWII, this timely movie explores the complex emotional framework that allowed these young men to serve their country while their families were incarcerated or lived under martial law all in a bid to prove their loyalty and "Americanness" to those who doubted it.


Go For Broke: An Origin Story is the Hawaii Film Critics Society choice for Best Hawaiian Film of 2017!

In addition to being named its prestigious Closing Night Film, Go for Broke is the winner of the Hawaii International Film Festival's inaugural Hawaii Movie Maker award!



Help bring this landmark film to schools in Hawaii! With your generous sponsorship, copies of Go For Broke: A 442 Origins Story will be provided to educators, allowing them to teach this vital part of our island history and also rekindle the true spirit of our island culture. Sponsorship of schools begins at $1000 and will include a Special Edition DVD, copies of the original Journey of Heroes manga, and curriculum guides.

For more information, please download the Educational Sponsorship material HERE.


Using the film, History, Social Studies, and Ethnic Studies teachers will be able to cover this vital history, as well as intensify their curriculum to discuss Cultural Identity and Differences, Cultural and Ethnic Prejudice, Friendship, Courage, Integrity, Honor, and Duty.


“It's an origin story most of the world has never seen or heard.”